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The Web Maverick is a professional multi faceted web Design, Development and Marketing Company. Our team has countless thousands of hours experience in these fields, if you are looking for a professional team to take your web project to a higher level please contact us immediately;

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There are many web design companies that design and develop websites, some fantastic, some ok, some not so great but that's where it all ends.

Right now there are at least 644 million active websites (according to netcraft) and rising rapidly, as you can imagine you might think its getting a little overcrowded. Absolutely not!  There are millions upon millions of good websites of which most will never receive any of the traffic they deserve due to the lack of understanding in search engine or marketing requirements by the people or companies who build them. Good for you and me, bad for them.

So I will show you the first step to good rankings in Google and how you get this service for free.

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